What to Expect

Get a Prescription

It is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor and obtain a prescription for a medical compression garment before making an appointment for your garment fitting.

Make an Appointment

Once you’ve received the prescription from your physician, call to make an appointment at 303-877-4282. To save time, you may download the Welcome Sheet,¬†fill it out and give to Karen when she arrives for your appointment.

At Your Appointments

Karen will meet with you to review your medical history and find out what your needs are for the garment. You are then measured and Karen determines the fabric, compression and style for your new compression garment. Once your garment specifications have been chosen, you will pay for it with either cash, check or credit card and Karen will then go back to her office to place the order. The time it takes to receive your garment depends on many factors. Karen will be able to give you a fairly accurate delivery date before she leaves the appointment.

Once Karen receives your order, she will meet with you again and have you try on the garment for proper fit. In about a week, she will call you to be sure your garment is still comfortable and keeping your swelling in check.

Remember there is no charge for your visits as long as you place an order at the time of your appointment.